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NEW: MSA Cairns Leather Fronts & Fronts Configurator
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The much anticipated launch of the new MSA Cairns Leather Fronts and Fronts Configurator is here! Read the full article for more details.

The much anticipated and exciting launch of the new MSA Cairns Leather Fronts and new MSA Cairns Leather Front Configurator is now available!

To support the changeover from the current A-PST and C-FRT, to the new STANDARD FRONTS (D-FRT) and the PASSPORT FRONTS (B-PST),  we needed to stop entering orders for A-PST and C-FRT leather fronts as of December 18, 2020. The needed changeover will increase the lead-times for the leather fronts as manufacturing switches the production process. Updated 2021 pricing for the D-FRT and B-PST is available on ShopMSA and all new pricing will go into effect January 1, 2021.

The new online configurator has replace the current configurator and current URL which is live as of January 4, 2021.

Attached is the latest Cairns Leather Front Product Bulletin highlighting the exciting changes to the product line. Included in the bulletin are discontinued leather front styles, options and processes.

Thank you for the understanding and support as we worked to launch the new leather fronts and online configurator. Please reach out to your MSA First Responder Sales Manager for additional details and questions.