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Pittsburgh, PA Lab Striving to Improve Use and Supply of Half-Mask Respirators
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MSA IN THE NEWS: Don't miss the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article, "Efforts underway to improve supply and quality of face masks."

National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory, based in Pittsburgh, Pa., engaged MSA and Allegheny Health Network (AHN) to develop alternatives to common disposable N95 masks.  

The lab has sought to demonstrate the potential use of reusable elastomeric half-mask respirators specific to health care. These studies indicate that the fit, effectiveness, and cost of the reusable respirators present a value to the health care industry. Incorporating these masks into a facility's personal protective equipment (PPE) program would help satisfy respiratory protection needs when high demand, like we have seen with the COVID epidemic, causes N95 masks to be in high demand, short supply, and very expensive.

In doing so, the lab has helped to make the region a testing ground to prepare the country for the next public health emergency by shoring up and reinforcing the national stockpile of protective equipment.

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