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Discontinuation of Repairs for Evolution® 4000 Series TICs
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras Thermal Imaging Cameras
In August 2006, MSA announced the discontinuation of Evolution 4000 Series Thermal Imaging Cameras.

At that time, a commitment was made to continue supporting this model through repair and service for three years, ending December 31, 2009; we subsequently extended that deadline to December 31, 2010. While we continued to support Evolution 4000 Series Thermal Imaging Camera repairs well beyond our stated commitments, parts availability has forced us into discontinuing support of these TICs.

Realizing the large investment required to purchase these cameras, we understand that some customers may be looking for assistance in upgrading and updating their fleet of TICs. Please work with your MSA Fire Service Sales Manager or Local MSA Distributor for those situations requiring special attention.