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MSA Enhances Customer Respiratory Program Support by Releasing Enhanced "Response Guide" Online Tool
  • Air-Purifying Respirators Air-Purifying Respirators
Includes chemical database and respirator selection; cartridge service life calculator; and respiratory program management guide.

The Response Guide is a mobile-friendly online respiratory protection tool that features:

  • Chemical Database and Respirator Selection

Helps users who manage respiratory programs by providing up-to-date chemical hazard information, exposure limits, respirator selection guidance, gas and other PPE recommendations.

  • Cartridge Service Life Calculator

Supports managing your respiratory program and achieving enhanced safety and cartridge value by generating an accurate, reliable cartridge changeout schedule. By simply entering the contaminants and concentrations to which you'll be exposed, as well as other environmental details, users can generate an immediate cartridge changeout schedule that can be E-mailed, printed or downloaded to be included as part of their management program.

  • Managing a Respiratory Protection Program

This guide makes compliance with 29 CFR 1910.134 easy.

Try it now from your computer or SmartPhone: www.msanet.com/ResponseGuide

    MSA Response Guide screenshot