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We’ve gone green... MSA GREEN!
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Things at Sierra Monitor Corporation may look a bit different. But rest assured, our innovative spirit, the quality products that you depend on and that same level of exceptional service you have come to expect, remain unchanged.

What has changed?  We’ve gone green...MSA GREEN

Following MSA’s acquisition of Sierra Monitor Corporation (SMC) in 2019, we are excited to share our completed brand integration and what you can expect moving forward. 

NEW WEBSITE: Effective Monday, February 1, when you visit sierramonitor.com, you will seamlessly be redirected to MSAsafety.com.  Built to enable easy navigation to all rebranded SMC and FieldServer content, you will be able to access product information, customer support resources, and other helpful content, just as before.

NEW BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS: New email signatures and business-related documentation and collateral will now be bearing the MSA logo.  An example of what to expect can be found below:

SOCIAL MEDIA:  Be sure to follow us on the MSA LinkedIn platform for new FieldServer product releases, information, application solutions and so much more!

BLOG:  Subscribe to The Safety Connection, where we deliver thought provoking case studies and new features from FieldServer in our mission to support our valued OEM and SI customers.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns or any feedback regarding the new web experience, please reach out to your FieldServer representative.

Thank you for your continued support.