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MSA FieldServer Chosen as Case Controls® Data Monitoring Solution
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Find out why Case Controls® chose MSA FieldServer™ to expand their compressor data monitoring capabilities.

For the past two years they’d already been relying on MSA FieldServer for IoT solutions and multi-protocol gateways. So, Case again turned to MSA FieldServer and presented this challenge:

How can we offer real-time data monitoring from a central or remote location, provide simultaneous monitoring of all compressor controllers, and achieve faster response time?

Thanks to FieldServer, the answer to our problem turned out to be surprisingly swift and simple… They delivered an out-of-the-box solution with all the bells and whistles, and implemented it in less than 14 days. We now have the ability to respond almost immediately and resolve compressed air system issues to improve system efficiency and increase overall system reliability. We appreciate both the functionality of the FieldServer solution and the price point. In fact, we’re so pleased, we’re now thinking of placing FieldServer on each control system we sell and service.” - Devin Sullivan, Case Controls®