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Creating Virtual Experiences to Connect with our Customers
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The MSA team has worked hard to increase our offering of informational webinars and virtual training sessions to support and bring value to our customers. These digital sessions provide an opportunity to conduct training sessions when in-person training is not easily accessible.

As many of our customers continue to work remotely, MSA has found new and innovative ways to engage, support and bring value  to our customers by providing informational webinars and virtual training sessions.

The digital sessions provide:

  •          An in-depth understanding of the products, markets, standards, and solutions MSA offers;
  •          An opportunity to attend training sessions when in-person training is not available; and
  •          A platform to educate you on the emerging challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have also launched AccessPlanit to help you register for MSA training.  AccessPlanit improves your customer experience by providing:

  •          A training calendar for upcoming classes;
  •          Automated emails;
  •          Recertification reminders;
  •          Improved search functionality; and
  •          Access to certificates 24/7.

Click here, to visit MSA’s PPE Training and Safety Education webpage at MSAsafety.com.  Virtual Led Training gives you a real-time learning experience - almost as if you  were attending an in-person session! 

What’s more, we can help to personalize your experience. Courses can be:

  •          Customized to the certifications you and your team need;
  •          Completed online from any location; and
  •         Scheduled for the date and time that works best for you.