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FieldSafe: Ensuring a Secure Gateway
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With cyber-attacks are and threats increasing in frequency and becoming more sophisticated, you need to ensure device security with the latest technology available.

The FieldSafe feature set ensures device security in a world where cyber-attacks are increasing in frequency and threats are becoming more sophisticated by securing the local hardware and the SMC Cloud application with some of the latest technologies that are currently available on the IIoT marketplace.

In today’s sophisticated cyber landscape, it is no longer good enough for customers to erect a virtual fence around their on-premise network. Not only are end-users accessing equipment data from several different networks and devices, but the number of internet access points within buildings is increasing. A new approach to security must be considered – one that encourages precautions implemented at every access point.

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If you are using MSA FieldServer equipment that is not protected by FieldSafe, please contact your MSA FieldServer representative to make the switch to a more secure environment today.