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MSA releases G1 SCBA Firmware update 3.06 for functionality with LUNAR!
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Continuing with our goal of continuous improvement to product performance, MSA is releasing software updates to the G1 SCBA to support LUNAR integration. Read full details here.

The MSA G1 SCBA was developed with the promise to provide continuous product support, most importantly enhancements to product performance, further elevating the overall G1 SCBA experience. 

Fulfilling that promise, MSA is pleased to announce the release of the G1 SCBA Firmware 3.06.  This firmware update provides functionality enhancements to support LUNAR integration.  G1 SCBA Firmware 3.06 is not a mandatory update as it only adds functionality for LUNAR integration.  This firmware update is not necessary if you are not planning to pair LUNAR devices with your G1 SCBA at this time.

If you already upgraded to 3.05, and you are not planning to pair LUNAR devices with your G1 SCBA at this time: G1 SCBA Firmware 3.06 is not a mandatory update.  Firmware 3.06 adds functionality for LUNAR integration.  If you have not yet upgraded to 3.05, you can upgrade to 3.06 now and it will include all of the previous updates included in 3.05.  Connect your A2 Software computer to the internet and go to “G1 Firmware” to download it.  In the coming weeks all new G1 SCBA will ship with 3.06 Firmware.

To ensure updates are executed as swiftly and easily as possible, MSA incorporated Bluetooth technology into every G1 SCBA.  The Bluetooth link will allow every G1 SCBA to be updated wirelessly with new firmware.

If you have any questions regarding the G1 SCBA Firmware update 3.06, please contact your local First Responder Sales Manager.