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New MSA TCEQ-Compliant Calibration Gas Cylinders Now Available
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MSA offers new calibration gas cylinders for compliance with Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) standards for MSA ALTAIRĀ® 4/4X and 5/5X Multigas Detectors.

New four-gas and three-gas cylinders with pentane as the combustible channel span gas are in stock. Users can simply set their span gas values to 25% LEL and then test with either gas.

New cylinder part numbers:

  • 4-gas 58-liter cylinder with H2S: P/N 10125708
    Contents: .375% pentane (25% LEL), 20 ppm H2S, 15% O2, 60 ppm CO
  • Three-gas 58-liter cylinder without H2S: P/N 10125947
    Contents .375% pentane (25% LEL), 15% O2, 60 ppm CO

How to calibrate ALTAIR 4/4X and 5/5X Multigas Detectors to the TCEQ 25% standard:

  1. Set ALTAIR 4/4X/5/5X Detector to 25% LEL and use 25% LEL pentane.
  2. Perform a straight pentane calibration (.375% by volume pentane).