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V-FIT Harness for Tower Climbing Now Available!
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MSA is excited to introduce the addition of a Tower Harness to the V-SERIES - V-FIT Harness line! Read here for details.

MSA is excited to introduce the addition of a Tower harness to the V-SERIES - V-FIT Harness line! 

Each harness in the V-SERIES line is ergonomically designed to deliver exceptional comfort through the exclusive racing-style buckle, athletic cut and pull-down adjustment.  All of which allow workers a secure and comfortable fit that lasts throughout the day, so they can focus on their job rather than their harness.  

The V-FIT Tower Harness includes an adjustable and removable padded saddle that can be stored when not in use for increased maneuverability. The saddle also includes two large gear rings, and two color differentiated D-rings for work positioning. Combined with the V-FIT construction waist pad, the V-FIT Tower Harness ensures ultimate comfort for long shifts at height.

Visit MSA's V-SERIES Harnesses or download the V-FIT Full Body Harness bulletin for more details.