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Global Quality: Voice of Customer Drives Development
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At MSA, voice of customer is something that drives us. We find your input invaluable. Our customer facing teams welcome your feedback, whether it’s an opportunity, a challenge, or an area for improvement.

In fact, Global Quality at MSA uses an Integrated Quality Optimization System (IQOS) to accurately record our interactions with channel partners and end users to ensure input is properly recorded.

As a topic is discussed, we take great care to log the important details in IQOS, e.g., product model and family, serial numbers, dates of supply, customer details, fault codes, and enhancement requests. What emerges as a result is ‘big data’ that informs us how our products perform in diverse applications, temperature extremes, human protection, and installation safety. We put this big data to work at MSA to benefit YOU!

Our talented Quality Engineers and customer facing teams use best in class data analytics reporting to hear what is being said loudest from our collective customer voices. We integrate thousands of Customer Quality Notifications (CQNs) annually and trend, plot, analyze, and summarize the feedback to produce actionable insights. Requests to sustain current product platforms emerge as do patterns in the performance of our products.  We feed this information directly into the new product development cycle.

We encourage feedback as we strive to deliver “Customer Experiences That Matter, with Excellence and Ease.”