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Don't miss, "OSHA’s New Fall Protection Directive for Residential Construction" article in OH & S Magazine
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This informative article is being featured in Occupational Health & Safety Magazine's July issue.

About the Article:  OSHA rescinded STD 03-00-001 and issued a new Directive, STD 03-11-002 that requires all residential construction employers to comply with 29 CFR 1926.501 (b) (13.) This change will have a significant impact on the residential housing workplace. 

STD 03-11-002 was scheduled to take effect on June 16, 2011, however OSHA agreed to extend the enforcement deadline to September 15, 2012. This article discusses why the Directive was rescinded, why an extension was granted, what is necessary for compliance and how it will effect the residential construction industry. 

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"OSHA's New Fall Protection Directive for Residential Construction," was written by Marc Harkins, MSA, Product Group Manager for Fall Protection.