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Driving Your Satisfaction to Create Experiences that Matter
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MSA is focused on leading and driving a one company strategy to provide our customers with a consistent, reliable, and differentiated customer experiences. Your feedback helps us to drive continuous improvement and create positive change. Based on your results, MSA thinks about what we can do to drive improvement and we turn those thoughts into action.

The Customer Experience Department has been conducting transactional surveys to all of our customers and partners.  The goal is to provide all associates with customer feedback that they can use to drive continuous improvement and positive change. We will continue to check the pulse of our customers throughout the year.

By leading and driving a one company strategy, MSA is able to deliver a consistent, reliable, and differentiated customer experience that matters to YOU!  MSA drives sustainability in customer experience by addressing the work that needs to be done across the organization and enables associates to work together. Delivery on an experience that matters is about:

  • Building organizational alignment with our customers and partners to improve your experience with MSA’s products and services;
  • Listening to our customers and partners, collecting the feedback, and prioritizing actions based on your needs; and
  • Providing customers and partners with a reliable and consistent experience.

When you complete one of our transactional, email-based surveys or provide your feedback on the MSA website, MSA decides what actions need to be taken based on your results and comments.  The surveys are designed to capture your thoughts on the following:

  • Overall Satisfaction with MSA’s Quality of Products, Delivery of Products, and Support;
  • Satisfaction on the support received from MSA’s Customer Service, Technical Support, Service and Repair, and Account Manager;
  • The Likeliness to Recommend MSA; and
  • The Ease of Doing Business with MSA.

The results of the surveys provide not only an overall rating, but also detailed product and support related feedback to all associates so each department can give you a positive experience with MSA.

Your feedback is always welcome!  Please visit msasafety.com and click on the new “Feedback” button at the lower left corner of your screen.