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Enhancing Excellence: MSA’s Americas Inside Sales Organization
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Expanded Sales Development Team is now the New Americas Inside Sales Organization - created to help serve our customers with improved speed and accuracy. Read the details here.

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is a priority at MSA, and we constantly evaluate the best ways to support our customers. 

Shifting trends in the business world have shown a desire for quick and virtual interactions; therefore, to ensure we provide ongoing best-in-class support, we have recently expanded our Sales Development Team into a new entity called Americas Inside Sales Organization.

This group will continue to oversee the business-critical work of lead development and digital content support—but with the exciting addition of Inside Sales Managers. The team provides you immediate access to a sales person who understands your business and customer needs and able to effectively collaborate remotely to help us accomplish our business goals. Together, the Inside and Outside Sales Organizations will be able to serve customers with heightened speed and accuracy in both a digital and in-person touch.

MSA understands that superior customer experiences are critical for our partners and customers. Initiatives such as our new Americas Inside Sales Organization showcase our focus on those experiences and enrich our role as a trusted advisor through the relationships and support we provide.