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New Article on RFID and Field ID Technology Being Featured in Masonry Magazine
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"Safety Made Simple - Going mobile with Field ID and RFID" is being featured in the February issue of Masonry Magazine.

Masonry Magazine

About the Article:  It is important to give safety managers, inspectors (both internal and third-party), certifiers and executives the most efficient tools available to maximize safety and compliance, increase inspection and audit efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce liability. With embedded RFID tags and the Field ID Application, you can instantly scan and inspect your equipment - saving time and increasing safety.

To read the article in its entirety, CLICK HERE.

To learn more about how MSA has integrated Field ID and RFID technology into industry-leading products such as the EVOTECH® Full Body Harness, the Workman® Self-Retracting Lanyard and the Workman Twin Leg Personal Fall Limiter, visit our website at www.MSAsafety.com or call 1-800-672-2222.

About Masonry Magazine:  This periodical covers every aspect of the mason contractor profession, from equipment and techniques to building codes and standards, training the future masonry labor force, business planning, promoting your business, job interviewing, negotiation, and legal issues.

"Safety Made Simple - Going Mobile with Field ID and RFID" was written by Rob Senko, MSA, Customer Development Manager, Fall Protection.