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MSA announces another winner in the "Win a TAILGATE PARTY for Your Team" Contest: John Curcio, Med-Tex Services
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John Curcio,CHST,STS, EMT-P Training, Med-Tex Services, is last month's lucky winner. MSA will provide John and his team with a TAILGATE luncheon at their convenience. Stay tuned for details!

Win a TAILGATE PARTY for Your Team

John Curcio

John's winning entry is as follows: 

"While working in the refinery inside the cracker, a spud wrench was accidentally dropped from a scaffold, striking a worker. The worker was wearing an MSA V-Gard which deflected the wrench. The wrench did, however, strike the worker on the shoulder, requiring stitches, but there was no head, neck or back trauma due to the helmet. Thank you, MSA!"



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