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MSA announces last winner, David Arwood, in "Win a TAILGATE PARTY for Your Team" Contest
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David Arwood, Health, Safety & Environmental Specialist with Kemira Chemicals Inc. located in Marietta, Georgia is the last lucky winner in our TAILGATE promotion. MSA provided David and his team with a TAILGATE luncheon on March 28, 2013.

Win a TAILGATE PARTY for Your Team

Winner:  David Arwood, Kemira 

David Arwood

David's winning entry was as follows:

ALTAIR 5 - Recovered after Kemira fall

Kemira"We are a chemical facility so multigas monitoring is very important to the safety of our employees and contractors. That's why we use the MSA ALTAIR® 5 Gas Detector. We were installing a new reactor and our ALTAIR 5 Detector was in service to ensure conditions remained good during the installation. Unfortunately someone placed the monitor on the top rail at the back corner of the erected guardrail. During the move our ALTAIR 5 Detector got knocked off the rail and fell 19 ft. to the concrete floor below.

After the move was completed, I went to check on the monitor. Expecting to find it broken and inoperable, I was very surprised to discover that the monitor was intact with no visible damage to the shell.The LEL sensor was reading -5, so I turned it off and restarted it in a fresh air setting and everything reset to normal. The ALTAIR 5 Detector was immediately placed back into service. Thanks MSA, for making such a durable monitor." 

Thank you to everyone who entered our "Win a TAILGATE Party for Your Team" Contest.  Your stories were inspiring and truly define why we at MSA, do what we do. We'll continue to provide the highest-quality safety products possible so people across the world are able to work in the safest environments possible.