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Update: AutoFill for Calibration Gas with MSA+™
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AutoFill for Calibration Gas, which is available through the MSA+ subscription program, can help to simplify the management of your gas detection program.

With Autofill, you can help prevent unexpected downtime through proactive, automated replenishment of cal gas supply using data from MSA Automated Test Systems such as the Galaxy® GX2 or ALTAIR io™ Dock. This means you can:

• Have the right gas ready at your door when you need it for your daily bumps and fleet calibrations.

• Spend less time planning and managing inventory.

• Avoid unnecessary downtime due to empty and expired cylinders.

Subscribers must have an existing Safety io account or a new MSA+ subscription to allow for the test stand to communicate the need to replace the calibration gas utilizing the built-in RFID-enabled capability of the cylinder.

New pricing options for the Autofill for Calibration Gas program are based on frequency of gas detector usage. 

Update: Subscriptions to Autofill for Calibration Gas charge a “monthly price per detector” based on three usage levels: Infrequent, Moderate, and Daily bump tests. Customers must have a minimum of 20 detectors in their fleet and a 12-month subscription term. Flat rate pricing is applicable regardless of how many types of gases are required to maintain your detector.

For more information about AutoFill for Calibration Gas, visit MSAsafety.com.

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